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The Wellington class which was scheduled for Saturday 4th September 2021 at Zealandia as part of Conservation Week 2021 will be rescheduled soon!  Bookings for this pest species class can be made here.

The following Wellington class will be on Saturday 23th October at Inverlochy Art School, focusing on birds. Please email Antoinette to enrol for this class. 

If you would like to join the wait list for future classes, or would like to book private tuition,  please email Antoinette.

what you need to know.

We will discuss the ethics involved in taxidermy in the class, the health and safety aspects, and I will show you how to make your own piece. 

Classes are usually divided into either small to medium sized birds or small predator species which is great for beginners as you'll see the differences in treatment due to the size of the specimen.

Preferably you'll source your own specimen, but if you do get caught short hopefully I can supply some too depending on what I've been able to collect (just let me know in advance). 

Please check that the bird you have found is not endemic or native to New Zealand using the New Zealand Birds Online website.

Once you have enrolled (details in 'how to book'),  I'll email you regarding how to store your specimen, as well as some considerations you may want to think about before you attend in regards to the finishing of the piece (mounting etc).

One week prior to the class, I will email enrolled students detailing further information about class preparation, and what to expect on the day.

For more information click here, or feel free to email me about the class at 

how to book.

Wellington class bookings can be made via my online store here unless otherwise stated.

Auckland class bookings need to be made through Studio One here unless otherwise stated.

For private tuition bookings, please email me direct here.

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