what you need to know.

Taxidermy in need of restoration or repair will need to be assessed on a case by case basis, as each individual piece will need different repair techniques. For example, a Siberian tiger rug mauled by a terrier will have different needs to a peacock which has partially survived a run in with an intrigued toddler.

Please contact me here to discuss your taxidermy repair requirements. 

moth and beetle damage.

If your taxidermy has sustained moth or beetle damage, I will require you to freeze it for at least two weeks, or have it fumigated before it arrives in my studio as to protect my taxidermy, and the taxidermy of my clients. 

This can be discussed when you get in touch.


Once we have discussed the restoration plan for your taxidermy, I will provide a repair quote and a time frame. This will be based on an estimate of the hours it will take to complete the repair and the materials I will need. 

A deposit of 50% is required to book your taxidermy in, and the remaining balance will be due before or on pick up. 

Please be aware that I cannot store taxidermy for prolonged amounts of time in my studio as it is a busy workspace with limited storage available.

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