2024 'Keep up', Ramp Gallery, Hamilton (part of the BOON Sculpture Trail). 'Our place' group show, ArtsPost, Hamilton.

2023 'SINGLE USE ONLY' solo show, Twentysix, Wellington. 'Fantastic Beasts', group show, New Zealand Academy of Fine Art, Wellington. 

2022  'Potter's Field' solo show, Hunters & Collectors, Wellington.

2021  'Summer Eclective' group show, Black Coffee, Wellington. 'Potter's Field', solo show, Studio One Toi Tū, Auckland. 'Still Life | Wild Places', group show, Katherine Mansfield House, Wellington. 'Cellar Door' photography show with Ben Klocek, Black Coffee, Wellington.

2020 'After AFTER' solo show, Hunters & Collectors, Wellington.

2019  'The Art of Death' group show, Highwick, Auckland. 'Happier Hunting Ground' solo show, Hunters & Collectors, Wellington.

2018  'We won't bite' group show, Zeus Gallery, Tauranga.  'Power Jacket' group show, Takapuna Arts Centre, Auckland. 'Momento Mori' solo show, Thistle Hall, Wellington.

2017 'Fluffy' group show, The Skin Room, Hamilton. 'The ghost hunters at Studio One' solo show, Studio One Toi Tū, Auckland.

2016 'The ghost hunters at Thistle Hall' solo show, Thistle Hall, Wellington. 'Purebred' group show, Lot23, Auckland. 'We guard the borderlands' solo show,  Studio One Toi Tū, Auckland.

2015 'Arch Hill Art Wall' group show, Lot23+Great North Road.  'Lot 23 turns 2' group show, Lot23, Auckland. 'Beautiful & Weird' group show, Crave, Auckland.  'Skate for Hope: fundraising pop up art show', Black Coffee, Wellington. 'Much of a muchness' group show, Wallace Morrinsville Gallery, Morrinsville. 'Tiny Travelling Gallery'  group show, Depot Artspace, Auckland.  

2014  'Bird of Prey' sculpture for Lot23 and Artweek Auckland, Lot23, Auckland. 'Boiler room group show' for Artweek at VPM, Auckland. 'Cut and Run' group show, Car Wash Gallery, Auckland. 'Someones left the attic door open again' installation at Lot23, Auckland. 'Do you think it has legs?' residents group show at Car Wash Gallery, Auckland. 'Discovering Form' group show for the sculpture trail at Fo Guang Shan, Howick, Auckland. 'The In-betweeners' for Draw Inc, Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton. 'Postcards from the Edge' group show, Luhring Augustine, New York. 

2013 'Kitsch' group show at Matchbox Gallery, Wellington. 'The ladders in your stockings go up to your suspenders', The Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, Warkworth. 'Animelia featuring Cauterizing Schrodingers cat by Antoinette Ratcliffe and works from The Wallace Arts Trust Collection' group show, The Pah Homestead, Auckland.  'I know a short cut', Matchbox Gallery, Wellington. 'Cauterizing Schrodingers cat', Satellite Gallery, Auckland. 

2012  'On your Marks', Draw Inc, Hamilton.  'Welcome' group show, Satellite Gallery, Auckland. 'Call and Response' group show, The Sculpture Park, Waikato. 

2011 'Goldies zombie kitten, Gray', Thistle Hall Lightbox, Cuba Street, Wellington. 'Hold on to your skin', Draw Inc., Hamilton. 'Twisted Dolls', Roar! Gallery, Wellington.  'Maddie'  (MA final submission),  Ramp Gallery,  Hamilton. 'Hurry up Duke!',  Thistle Hall, Wellington. 'Human Posts: School of Media Arts post graduate show', Hamilton. 'Apnoea',  Meteor gallery, Hamilton. 'Free for All', Ramp gallery, Hamilton.

List of shows prior to 2011 is available on request

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