art commissions.

If you have an idea for a taxidermy piece that you'd like me to create for you, please contact me  here.  We can discuss the idea, source a specimen if you have not found one, and figure out the best pose to show off your taxidermy. 

television and movie props.

If you are looking for the perfect animal to create a scene in your television show or movie, the process is very similar to that of creating an art commission. Please contact me here to discuss your films needs. 

pet taxidermy.

Pet taxidermy commissions are available on a case by case basis. This is due to the grief that the pet owners are going through, but also the condition of the pet prior to death (for example clipped patches on the coat due to veterinary intervention, or injuries sustained leading up to the pets death). For this reason, it's best to get in touch to discuss the situation first. We will also go over your wishes for the treatment of the remains in regards to burial or cremation with your own veterinary clinic.

Pets that have passed away will need to be kept in a freezer, so if you do not have the space or feel uncomfortable with this arrangement, it may be worth discussing this with your veterinary clinic. 


Once we have discussed the commission, I will provide a quote and a time frame. This will be based on an estimate of the hours it will take to complete the piece and the materials I will need. 

A deposit of 50% is required to book the commission in, and the remaining balance will be due before or on pick up. 

Please be aware that I cannot store taxidermy for prolonged amounts of time in my studio as it is a busy workspace with limited storage available.

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