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Private tuition is held in my studio in central Wellington. 

Tuition will be tailored to what experience level you are at (including absolute beginners), and the specimen or project you would like to work on. Please note the tuition I provide is for small to medium sized birds and mammals.

Preferably you'll source your own specimen, but if you don't have one or have been finding it difficult to source one, please let me know so I can check if I have one you can use.

If you have found a bird you would like to work on, please check that it is not endemic or native to New Zealand by using the New Zealand Birds Online website

For more information, or to book,  please email me via the contact page.

storing your specimen.

Before storing your specimen, check for any signs of bug life (this is a good indication that your find is not going to be a good specimen to work on). 

Specimens need to be stored in the freezer as soon as possible, preferably double bagged. 

I will send through information about thawing once you have booked. 


One day tuition $400

Covering small birds (for example finches up to blackbirds) or mammals (mice up to stoats).

Two day tuition $850

Covering medium birds (for example pigeons up to magpies) or mammals (ferrets up to possums). This could be booked as two consecutive days, or as seperate days.

Three day tuition $1350

This option would be great for students interested in working on multiple projects, or larger birds, and could be booked as three consecutive days, or as seperate days.

(Pricing updated on 19th August 2022 and reflect the increasing costs of materials)


Group classes are currently unavailable.

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